How much does a bottle of vintage French wine sell?


Do you have a bottle of vintage French wine stashed in your cellar? You may want to look at selling it after the latest surprise.

Vintage French wine is highly sought after. The older wine gets, the better it tastes. But is it really sought after so much that someone is willing to pay more than $120,000 for a bottle? That certainly seems the case, since someone has recently bought a bottle for that. So, if you’ve been stashing your vintage bottles for a special occasion, you may want to dig them out of the cellar and look at selling them on!

Okay, so it is a special bottle of wine. The French bottle was a Jura wine from 1774. There were three bottles on offer and all sold for more than the previous record set back in 2011, which was 57,000 Euros, which is about $66,250. This was about the expected results for the latest bottles, so even just one selling at 73,000 Euros ($84,800) was a surprise. The third bottle sold for 76,250 Euros ($88,600).

(Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Barcelona Enterprises)

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There are certainly some special circumstances around the three bottles. For one, they were all sold at auction, which can see items sell for more than their expected value. Another factor is they are among the oldest wines across the globe and still in possession of Anatoile Vercel Vin Jaune’s descendants.

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This is also a highly rated wine, getting 9.4 out of 10 during a testing panel of 24 wine professionals back in 1994. It’s a fruity and nutty wine, with hints of spices, curry, cinnamon, and vanilla.

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Will you go hunting through your wine cellar for bottles? What would you do if you have one of these bottles of vintage French wine? Share your thoughts in the comments below.