M&M’s grilled cones: Fire up the grill and get cooking!


Normally you wouldn’t throw M&M’s on the grill but these M&M’s grilled cones are anything but normal. They are pure magic!

Summertime is grill time. Homes all across the country are pulling off the covers and firing up the grill. But instead of cooking the usual, why not cook yourself some M&M’s grilled cones?

That’s right, M&M’s grilled cones. An unusual but amazing and delicious combination of sugary goodness.

(Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

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M&M’s shared the unique recipe themselves via their official Twitter page. Intended to be made for Memorial Day, the recipe can be used any time of the year. Pretty much anytime you fancy starting up the grill really.

It makes three different types of M&M’s grilled cones. One cone is filled with nothing but M&M’s and marshmallows. The second has M&M’s, marshmallows, peanut butter and banana slices. The third, M&M’s, marshmallows, raspberries and white chocolate chips.

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You prep them, wrap them up in foil, grill them for five minutes until melted then add whatever your favorite topping is, sauce, sprinkles, etc. Then, you are good to go ahead indulging yourself in these grilled M&M’s.

Here is the video M&M’s shared showing you how to make the M&M’s grilled cones.

You can also experiment with your own fillings. As long as you have M&M’s and marshmallows in the mix you are pretty much golden. Just make sure you don’t eat all of the M&M’s beforehand.

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So will be making M&M’s grilled cones? If so which one will it be? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.