32 beers to drink during the World Cup 2018

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(Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Colombia: Opt for Club Colombia

This pilsner style larger is extremely dry, which is why it’s so popular with many. It brings the scent of honey to the clear and malty taste.

Costa Rica: Try out Banana Bread beer

Okay, the name of this can leave you scratching your head at first, but it’s certainly worth the taste. You’ll get a hint of bananas with the fruity drink, but it’s also a rich beer. It’s a 5.2 percent ABV beer.

Croatia: The Garden Sour for earthy tastes

When you love a beer with earthy tastes, The Garden Sour is definitely one for you. It’s a refreshing and clean beer with a taste that you’ll be left with afterward for a while.

Denmark: Tubord Green Label is the one you want

It’s no surprise that the Danish know how to make their ale. This beer has a slight flowery aroma but the taste is clear. It’s the most popular beer in the country, so it’s worth supporting the team with. The alcohol percentage is low at 4 percent, so that may also be a plus point for those who just want to drink for the taste.

Egypt: Choose Cleopatra

Of course, Egypt’s favorite beer is named after one of the nation’s most favored and infamous queens. Cleopatra brings an apricot flavor, which can be slightly interesting. You’ll definitely get a taste of the Nile with this 5 percent ABV drink.

England: You have to choose Bombardier

When it comes to supporting England, you’ll want to turn to the popular Bombardier. This does have a bit of a spicy aftertaste, but it’s crisp and refreshing to start off your support for the only UK nation to make it through.

France: Kronenbourg 1664 for stability

Of course, the French beer to drink is going to be Kronenbourg 1664. It’s already one of the more popular drinks around the world and easy to enjoy on a warm summer’s day.

Germany: Krombbacher Pils is one to try

When you want something that’s full-bodied, Germany’s choice of beer is definitely the one to turn to. This is the most reliable beer, as you’ll always know what to expect and it’s just like you would get in a local bar. Expect a taste of malt in the 4.8 percent ABV drink.