5 things you definitely don’t want Gordon Ramsay to find in your kitchen

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#4. Leftover, Moldy Food

Watch out for anything left out that shouldn’t have been. Leftover food is a big no-no, as it will go moldy. This is a health hazard in itself, but the moldy food will bring about all types of pest problems and make your customers leave in droves. It can also be an allergen risk to some of your customers.

Mold grows quickly. The minute you have it, you’ll find it spreading to all the fresh food. Make sure you follow Ramsay’s advice on preserving leftovers if there are any or just get rid of them in the proper ways!

#3. Hidden Ingredients in the Wrong Place

All your food needs to be put in the right places. Last night, Ramsay found chocolate syrup in a cupboard behind a bunch of empty boxes and trash! That certainly isn’t the place for the chocolate syrup and God only knows how long it had been there for!

As soon as you do a grocery shop, put everything away in the right place. If you own a restaurant, train your staff in the proper placements of all food, even those that aren’t necessarily going to handle the food. You never know when you need another member of staff to grab something!