5 Starbucks summer drinks you need to try

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

#5. Opt for the Violet Drink

When you want something that looks and tastes like summer, the Violet Drink is definitely one that you want to ask for. It’s one of the Refreshers drinks, and is made with Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers to create a creamy and tasty option.

Rather than normal milk, coconut milk is used. This is then mixed over ice so it’s served cold and you can enjoy it throughout the day. You’ll definitely want to share a picture of this with your friends, who will be completely jealous that you’ve found such a bright and vibrant drink. The coconut milk helps to skip over the dairy, although Starbucks does say that it can’t guarantee any cross contamination.

Freeze-dried black currents are added into the drink, giving you more of a berry flavor to your Starbucks summer drink.

There is caffeine in this drink. There’s green coffee extract used to help give it a bit of a zing.

For those watching their weight and needing to know the nutritional information, there are 110 calories in the drink, with 25 of them coming from the fat. There’s 3g of fat in total, with 2.5g of them saturated but 0g of trans fat. You’ll also get 45mg of caffeine and 1g of dietary fiber.