9 facts you need to know about Krispy Kreme

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#2. The logo is a bowtie

Ever wondered why the logo looks like something? Stared at it for hours and still not figured it out? You’re not the only one! Well, it turns out that it’s a bowtie—and is often referred to as “the bowtie!” It was designed by Benny Dinkins and the bowtie in red, green, and white is officially trademarked in 1955.

The idea is that the bowtie means business. And it’s all about the business when it comes to working at Krispy Kreme. This is also a place to do business, grab a coffee and a snack while you talk plans and numbers. Oh, and the dozen is the perfect item to bring to the boardroom when you need a long meeting!

#1. Different shapes only started in 2000

Now you’ll see all types of shapes throughout the year, with the most popular being the heart shape for Valentine’s Day. However, did you know it took until 2000 for the different shapes to occur? Before then, only the round shaped donuts were available.

It seems odd that a chain known for its different shaped donuts would only have round shapes for so long. Well, in 2000, they started playing around with the shapes and the customers loved them so they continued it. You don’t see too many different shapes, keeping it a novelty.

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