International Beer Day: Food that tastes better with beer

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(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

Make sure you are only eating food that goes hand in hand with beer on International Beer Day.

It’s International Beer Day tomorrow. August 3 marks the day of the beer and the last thing you will want to do is ruin a perfectly good beer, with a terrible piece of food.

There are some food and beer pairings that work each and every time, no matter what. There are also parings that you would just never attempt. However, there are some that send your tastes buds on a wonderful rollercoaster ride of sensation.

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And that is what you want on to do on International Beer Day. You don’t want to try out a beer, enjoy its flavor and then snack on a mackerel sandwich, or some baked beans on toast.

You want something enjoyable, something that is going to make your day memorable.

And that is what you will learn today; all the food that tastes better with beer. So get your notebook, mobile phone or whatever you take notes on ready and listen up.

Cheese Sandwiches and Pizza

Normally you wouldn’t go with beer when eating cheese. Usually the choice of drink is wine. But it is International Beer Day and anyone caught drinking wine on such a day is committing a crime. So beer it is, the great thing is, the majority of beers go really well with cheese so you don’t have to worry about finding the right type.