M&M’s that taste like Nutella? Just take my money!


Fans of Nutella are honestly going to lost it when M&M’s latest creation, the Hazelnut Spread M&M’s hit store shelves.

If you are a Nutella lover, which obviously you are, because only like 1% of the world is not, you are going to completely lose it when M&M’s latest product is released to the world, the Hazelnut Spread M&M’s.

According to People, the new treats will still have the classic M&M’s crispy shell that you have all come to know and love, but this one will be filled with some heavenly, chocolatey, hazelnut goodness inside; and even though it is not officially Nutella, I bet it will remind you of it.

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Unfortunately, they will not be hitting the stores shelves until next year, yes, I know, it’s a travesty. April 2019 is the expected release date. To hold us at bay before then, M&M’s has some new chocolate bars on the horizon.

Due to arrive in December this year, there are a total if five M&M’s chocolate bars on the way. Each one of them is a slab of chocolate with M&M’s minis throughout, the flavors available are. Milk chocolate, peanut, crispy, crispy min, and almond.

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The new additions accompany the already new announcements by M&M. Earlier they unveiled new, White Chocolate Peanut flavor, and even some international flavors like Mexican Jalapeno.

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So, are you a Nutella fan? Will you be running to get hold of the new flavor when they are released next year? How does the chocolate bars and other new flavors sound? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.