Oreo is giving their candy bar a Halloween upgrade


Halloween candy is getting a run for its money this season as Oreo is giving their candy bars the spooky holiday treatment.

Ever since Oreo decided to branch out and give us more than just cookies to enjoy as a sweet treat, we have been waiting for the company to make it easier to enjoy our new favorite candy on the go. For those of us who love the Oreo candy bars that the company introduced in 2016, we can now share the love with all of our trick or treaters this year.

Considering how big a hit the bar of chocolate coated creme and cookie pieces really is, we are not surprised that the company has decided to introduce fun size bars. And while we can certainly go for a full size bar at any time, there is a lot to be said for a mini version being available.

According to Delish, the candy bar is getting the Halloween treatment, as it will now be available in a bag of fun size bars with orange and black wrappings and cute bats flying away with the treats. However, that’s not the only fun size offering Oreo is bringing us. We can also get a non-Halloween decorated bag of fun size bars, and even a zip-sealed bag of unwrapped mini bars.

Not only does this mean that now trick or treaters can indulge in a mini version of the Oreo candy bar, but so can the adults, any time we want. With these fun size bars we can throw them in our purse, have them in a cookie jar (we appreciate the irony), or leave them around for when we need a quick, sweet pick-me-up.

And thanks to Oreo’s decision to make the fun size treats in more than just a Halloween package, we can enjoy bite size goodness all year-long. Even if we will likely have batty bags of Oreo bars hanging around well into December.

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Of course the fun size Oreo bars are not the only way you can get into the Halloween spirit, as their orange creme stuffed cookies are once more in stores, and available for dunking. Whichever way you decide to indulge your cookie and creme craving (bar or cookie), head to stores now to enjoy this sweet Halloween treat.