Reese’s are getting thinner, are we ok with this?


Come 2019 Reese’s will be introducing a cup that is 40% thinner. Are we ok with this or should Reese’s stay the way they are?

It’s a growing trend right now. Our favorite candy is getting smaller and thinner, and come 2019 Reese’s cups will be 40% thinner. So why are they doing this and are we ok with this?

The good news is, Hershey’s, the owners of Reese’s, while making it known that they plan to introduce a 40% thinner cup come the Spring of 2019. It is not replacing the current normal sized Reese’s cup.

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Dubbed Reese’s Thins, they are being aimed at customers who love the chocolate, but want something more permissible. The plan is to have Reese’s Thins available in both Milk and Dark chocolate flavor options.

So as long as Hershey’s stick to this plan, introducing Reese’s Thins but keeping the original size, then we are ok with this new introduction. As long as they do not replace the original cups we are good. If they were to decide to replace the Thins with the original’s then nope, we would need to have a very different conversation.

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Unfortunately, there is some bad news to be given right this minute. Hershey has made it known that they do plan on raising prices. This will come into effect very shortly, a price increase will then arrive again in 2019. So not only are they getting thinner but more expensive as well.

How much of a price increase there will be and exactly when it will come in is sadly not known. As soon as the details are known you will be the first to know.

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What do you think about thinner Reese’s? What do you think about the price increase? Share your thoughts in the comments below.