Is Starbucks open on Halloween, 2018?


At some point, a much-needed caffeine boost will be needed during the night of fright. Will Starbucks be able to provide? Is Starbucks open on Halloween, 2018?

No matter what your age, or what your plans are. Whether you’re going door to door trick or treating, or finding the biggest Halloween party in your neighborhood, at some point you are going to need some much-needed caffeine. Is Starbucks open on Halloween, 2018 to provide? Or will you need to find somewhere else to get your fix?

Thankfully, Starbucks is not one of the holidays that the chain normally closes. In fact, Starbucks has it’s very own Halloween special drink on the menu right now, the Witch’s Brew Frappacunnio, so it would be a bit odd to be providing Halloween special drinks, but then being closed on the actual day.

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Considering that Starbucks has been reported to being open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. For the coffee giants to take Halloween off but be open during the holidays would be extremely bizarre, and quite honestly, a first for any business.

So rest assured, you should be able to get your fix during the spooky night.

However, there is always the chance the odd store will close, or they will adjust their opening hours, so there are a couple of things that you should do just to be safe. Because there would be nothing worse than being mid caffeine slump and finding the chain closed.

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The first thing you can do is run a quick Google search on your local Starbucks. The opening times are normally displayed for all to see and they are usually up to date as well.

The second thing you can do is take note of your local Starbucks phone number and actually contact them directly. Each chain has a customer telephone number which you can get from the internet, meaning you can phone them up and just quickly check if they are open and how long for before paying them a visit.

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Will you be visiting Starbucks on Halloween? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment below.