Is Tim Hortons open on Halloween, 2018?


Tim Hortons had better be open on Halloween otherwise there is going to be a lot of very disappointed people walking the streets after some heavy duty trick or treating.

Tim Hortons may be best known amongst Canadians, but there are plenty of Americans as well who will be on the lookout for the fast food chain while on the way back from a night of candy searching. But will it be open? Is Tim Hortons open on Halloween, 2018?

Fans of Timbits and Canadian coffee can be rest assured, you can visit Tim Hortons while on the way home from whatever you have been getting up to during the Halloween festivities. Provided you are coming home at a reasonable hour, you can’t expect them to be open 24 hours a day,  well, some, but not all.

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Anyway, getting back on the subject of opening hours. According to Holiday Shopping Hours, Halloween is listed as one of the holidays that the fast-food chain remains open for.

You should make sure that it definitely is before heading out though. So before committing to anything you should do one of two things. Or both if you fancy being super thorough.

Running a quick Google search on your local branch will pull up the opening times. They are generally up to date and accurate therefore will let you know if they are open during the night.

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You can also try calling the branch directly. You will find their telephone number listed online as well, allowing you to call and check precisely when, and how long they are open for.

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Will you be visiting Tim Hortons during the night? Share what you are thinking by dropping a comment below.