#AllTreesAreBeautiful: Reese’s Trees with Pieces are here and we couldn’t be more excited!


Reese’s Trees with Pieces are here. Remember the “blobs?” Well, Reeses wants you to remember that #AllTreesAreBeautiful.

It’s that time of year when the stores put up their decorations. Families start planning for the holiday season and think about their gifts. To help you get in the festive mood, Reese’s Trees with Pieces are here.

The Reece’s Tree line first arrived in 2015 and Reese’s fans immediately shared their opinions. They may have tasted delicious, but they looked like “blobs.” Reese’s took your opinions on board but had one thing to say: #AllTreesAreBeautiful.

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It was brilliant marketing by the chocolate company. After all, customers helped to spread the word around about the holiday products. Rather than try to make excuses for the blobs, they had fun and put a twist on their marketing to continue to spread the word. I think this has to be the best way to manage potentially bad marketing.

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While they may have looked like blobs, they still tasted great. The trees were made up of delicious Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter middle.

For a limited time only in 2018, the chocolate giants have added Reese’s Trees with Pieces to their Reese’s Tree lineup. They’ve had a small change to their look, probably to do with Reese’s Pieces being stuffed inside them, but some may still think they’re blobs. But just remember, #AllTreesAreBeautiful and they still get eaten the same way! No matter what they look like, you’ll always get the same delicious taste.

Available in individual sizes priced at $0.99 and a 6-pack size priced SRP $3.99.These delicious items will be the perfect stocking filler. That’s if you can resist the delicious peanut buttery middle!

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Did you enjoy the Reese’s Trees in 2015? Will you grab a selection of Reese’s Trees with Pieces this year for some festive chocolate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.