Target has brought back the Hot Sauce Challenge gift set, prepare your taste buds


It was one of Target’s most popular gift sets last year. The Hot Sauce Challenge gift set is back, ready to put those who think they can handle the heat to the test.

The Hot Sauce Challenge gift set, the perfect gift for those who love to add a bit of heat to their food, is back. Target’s most popular gift last year is returning to store shelves once more and we couldn’t be happier at this announcement.

Mainly because it makes for a wicked party game.

If you have no idea what the Hot Sauce Challenge is, it’s pretty much self-explanatory, A challenge to see how well you handle hot sauce. The gift set, which is only available in Target Stores, comes equipped with 10 little vials of hot sauce.

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Each vile differs in the strength of heat, and flavor, allowing you to challenge your friends and family, or just yourself, at handling the heat. And for the ridiculously low cost of only $15, it’s pretty much a no-brainer as to why you would want to get your hands on this gift set.

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As far as the flavors go, the kit comes with the following:

  • Green chili,
  • Chipotle chili,
  • Jalapeño pepper,
  • Spicy BBQ,
  • Intense garlic,
  • Fiery original,
  • Cayenne pepper,
  • Extra hot,
  • Mango-flavored habañero,
  • Cajun habañero.

Be warned though, this is something that should not be undertaken by the faint-hearted. At the end of the day, this is a challenge, involving spice. So you know there is going to be some level of heat brought to your senses. If you think you can handle it though, crack on, if you can’t, well maybe you shouldn’t even try.

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Did you try the Hot Sauce Challenge gift set the last time it was available? Will you take the challenge this year? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.