Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner sold like hot cakes


Did you want to get your hands on the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner? The special offering sold out like hot cakes!

If you thought Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner was going to be the best way to solve your snack issue while watching the game next week, you’re sadly too late. Thanksgiving in a Can is already sold out.

Because of the exclusive, and limited supply, Pringles has had to take the pack off its website. Despite some of the questionable tastes (Pumpkin Pie chips?), there were many who wanted to get their hands on this explosion of tastes. Your only option now is if your local retailer happens to have any left.

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Who would have thought you could get Thanksgiving in a can? Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner is back and it’s all you’re going to need this year. No need to spend hours slaving over that stove if you don’t want.

Granted, it’s not actually a roast turkey dinner, but it’ll taste like it. The Thanksgiving Dinner comes packed with three flavors of Pringles: Turkey, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie. Thankfully, now Brussels sprouts on the menu!

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Hey, at least you have the turkey flavor should the dinner not quite go to plan. They make the perfect treat or snack as you wait and watch the football.

Out of all the flavors, there are two that stand out as the most “normal” flavors. Turkey is going to taste like the delicious roast chicken chips and stuffing offers a herby flavor that will remind you of possibly sour cream and onion or maybe dill and pickle.

The one that will be the most interesting is definitely Pumpkin Pie. This has the promise of something sweet mixed with the saltiness of Pringles. If you like sweet and salty popcorn, this is most definitely going to be for you.

It is disappointing to hear that the Thanksgiving in a Can is done, but Kellogs is offering 20% off on its site to make up for it. Hopefully, the success of it this year brings it back for another year in 2019.

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Did you manage to get your hands on the Thanksgiving in a Can? Will you hope Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner comes back next year? Share your thoughts below.

Get your 20% orders at the Kellogs store.