There’s now a Keurig for cocktails, which is going to make happy hour easy for all of us


There is a new Keurig in town, and it will make all of our cocktail loving hearts happy. The new Drinkworks Home Bar is here to revolutionize happy hour.

Cocktail lovers rejoice! Your Keurig is about to get a sister and happy hour will never be the same again.

On Nov. 13, Keurig announced their latest creation, the Drinkworks Home Bar, which combines the ease of K-cups and the joy of alcohol. We are talking about an instant alcoholic beverage at home with the ease of making a cup of coffee.

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According to Delish, just like the original Keurig, drinks are made with standard pods in a machine that is a simple black and chrome. And yes, the actual alcohol is already included in the pods.

Each pod contains all the necessary ingredients to make your cocktail, which means you can’t really do anything about how it tastes until it’s already been made. But that’s okay because you can always doctor your drink at home (unlike at the bar where you may just have to suffer from a poorly made drink).

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There are currently 24 different drinks that you can make with your new Drinkworks Home Bar. Among the pods being offered are the Cosmopolitan, a Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned, a Red Sangria, a White Wine Peach Sangria, and more, including a Margarita. With how new the Drinkworks Home Bar is, we can only imagine that if this does well they will work on offering even more drink options, although the current selection certainly seems all-encompassing.

However, it is not just cocktails that you can make with your new alcohol-ready machine. There are also pods for ciders and beers. (Just think about not having to go to a Sports Bar to watch the big game or any game really!)

A review from Engadget gave the Drinkworks Home Bar mixed reviews, but in general, it was definitely a positive for those of us who would rather stay in, but still enjoy a mixed drink. Some drinks were perhaps a bit too sweet or even lacking a more fresh element, but everyone’s personal taste is different. And like we said before, there is always the option of doctoring it yourself to make it just right. Throw in some fresh lime juice or mix in a bit more alcohol to make the drink to taste.

If you decide you want the Drinkworks Home Bar for yourself, you may have to wait a bit longer as the pilot program for the new machine is only being rolled out in St. Louis, MO on Nov. 19. However, the company did say that they will be expanding where they offer this new at home brewer in 2019.

The only thing you need to remember is that having the convenience of an in-home cocktail machine will cost a bit more out-of-pocket up front. The Drinkworks Home Bar runs $299, with individual pods running $3.99 for the cocktail pods and $2.25 for the ciders and beers. Considering how much drinks at the bar can cost on average, we think this is still a steal in the long run.

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What do you think of this new Keurig for cocktails? Are you tempted to buy one when the company rolls them out in more markets?