Which fast food restaurant gives you the most fries?

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(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby’s)

1. Arby’s

Total amount of fries per serving: 33

Arby’s has been delighting their fans for years now with their fries. Mainly because they are the one and only curly fries. Very few fast food restaurant chains sell the curly fries which is one of the things that makes Arby’s stand out above all the other fast food chains when it comes to their fries.

The downside with the curly fries is you don’t get that many in the packet. Come in at a very low 33, Arby’s is certainly not the lowest on this list but it is one of the lowest when it comes to which fast food restaurant gives you the most fries?

But, while curly fries certainly lower the number of fries you get in the packet, in all fairness to the fast food restaurant, one single curly fry is pretty much three fries in one. So if we were to view it that way, then it means that Arby’s serving of 33 is actually 99.

And when you view it that way, along with the roughly $2.50 that is for the fries, then you are actually getting a really good amount of fries for the amount you pay.