Which fast food restaurant gives you the most fries?

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3. Chick-fil-A

Total amount of fries per serving: 20

TIme to take a look at the world-famous Chick-fil-A restaurant and their fries now and the fast food restaurant is the lowest on our list. Coming in at an extremely low 20 fries per serving.

Which is a massive bummer. Because nobody likes getting a small handful of fries when they visit a fast food chain. But that is what you get when you visit Chick-fil-A. 20 fries for roughly $2.30.

They are a decent size however which is good. Waffle-cut fries is what you get when you visit Chick-fil-A. The only fast food chain that dishes out waffle type fries, at least I think they are the only fast food chain that does them anyway, they are exactly what you would expect, fries that have been turned into waffles.

I don’t think you could really say that the Chick-fil-A waffles fries could be converted into twice the amount if they were normal fries like Burger King and Arby’s, I’m pretty certain one waffle fry is only the equivalent of one actual french fry in the end. Because when you think about it, it’s just a flattened fry.

They’re actually not half bad to eat either. Certainly not the tastiest fries that you will come across but by no means the worse either.

Thing is, they are really only a novelty, as in it’s not really worth visiting Chick-fil-A just for the french fries. There are plenty of other fast food chains that you could do that at.