Which fast food restaurant gives you the most fries?

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

5. McDonald’s

Total amount of fries per serving: 78

It’s time to take a look at the golden arches franchise now. McDonald’s french fries are probably the most eaten fries out of all the fast food restaurants on this list but they certainly do not deal out the most.

Now obviously we just established who shells out the most french fries to customers. Five Guys is the place to go for that, but how does McDonald’s compare is interesting. Coming in reasonably close with an average serving of 78 fries, the fast food giants are not far behind the leaders.

They’re certainly way further ahead than the likes of their main competitors Burger King who only shell out a measly 35 in comparison. But, McDonald’s french fries are extremely thin and dainty which brings them down a couple of pegs in the quality. They are usually overdone when it comes to the amount of salt on them as well which does them absolutely no favors.

At least they don’t cost an arm and leg. On average McDonald’s fries cost about $2.20, what they have clearly done is opted to go for quantity over quality, and they keep the price low so a snot to deter too many customers.