Which fast food restaurant gives you the most fries?

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6. Popeyes

Total amount of fries per serving: 50

Moving over to Popeyes now, and if you want to visit a fast food restaurant that gives the best of both then Popeyes is the place to be. The chain doesn’t skimp out on the quantity or quality and they don’t charge you an arm or a leg either.

Popeyes is basically the most balance fast food chain on this list. The number of fries the shell out to you is around 50, so by no means the most, but by no means the least either. The quality of the fries don’t falter in any way either and they will only cost you around $2.10.

Meaning, that there is no real reason for you to go anywhere else when it comes to your fries. if it is just solely french fries that you after then the place you need to head over to is Popeyes.

Yes, you can get yourself more fries at Five Guys, but hey cost over twice as much. You may as well pay for two servings of fries at Popeyes, you will get the same amount for less. The quality is on par if not better as well.

The only downside with Popeyes is it’s a chicken specialist fast food chain. If you want a beef burger or something then you are going to have to look elsewhere. That, to me, is the only reason why you shouldn’t go.