25 best holiday fast food menu items

Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks
Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks /
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GLENDALE, CA – JUNE 01: In this handout photo provided by Carl’s Jr., Street Team Girls, Ashley (L) and Amy are dwarfed by a massive spider web outside of a Carl’s Jr. restaurant on June 1, 2012 in Glendale, California. The spider web and related activities are part of a partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment for the upcoming release of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and Carl’s Jr.’s new burger “The Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger”. (Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Carl’s Jr. via Getty Images) /

17. Fiery Chicken Sandwich All-Star Meal — Carl’s Jr.

OK, so Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are brothers-in-arms, but for the sake of this slideshow, we’re gonna keep them separate.

The reason? Because Carl’s Jr, the little brother, sells the Fiery Chicken Sandwich All-Star Meal, and Hardee’s doesn’t.

Big brother, you are seriously slacking.

Anyway, this meal box, which is only $5 bucks, consists of a chicken sandwich that will change the way you look at spicy chicken sandwiches. Packed with all sorts of flavor, and fries, cookie, and a drink, and you have a holiday meal that will make braving the worst aspects of this season worth it.

And, really, who wouldn’t be down for a blazing hot chicken sandwich? I know there will be some who can’t take the sheer heat, but there is a certain type of pleasure that is taken when the ting of fire hits your tongue. It’s a feeling hard to describe, really.

You know what else would make the holidays at Carl’s Jr. worth it? If they sold those Honey Butter Biscuits. Then again, that’s more of a southern thing. Carl’s Jr. is geared more toward the West Coast, so, that may not be happening anytime soon.

Little brother, you are seriously slacking.