25 best holiday fast food menu items

Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks
Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks /
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25. Chicken and Waffles – KFC

Sweetness and the holidays go together like BBQ and sweet tea, so it is no wonder that KFC has brought a southern staple to the masses just in time for the season.

Chicken and waffles, that combination of sweet, salt, and juicy has long been part of the diet of the South and Southern California (shout out to Roscoe’s!), but, it has never gotten a national rollout — until now that is.

Introducing KFC’s Chicken and Waffles, which combines their legendary Original Recipe fried chicken with bite sizes waffles that you can dunk in syrup. Now, it all depends on who is actually making the waffles, as not all KFC locations are the same, and these are not fresh-batter waffles – which is a shame, because you would think that KFC, with its eons of experience in the chicken department, would force all of their restaurants to, at least consider, using fresh-batter waffles.

That is a topic for another day, I guess. For now, this heavenly concoction of sweet and fried goodness may be just what the doctor ordered to take your mind off of the battle royale you just had in a shopping center parking lot.