25 best holiday fast food menu items

Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks
Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks /
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PARADISE, CA – NOVEMBER 21: A view of a Jack in the Box restaurant that was destroyed by the Camp Fire on November 21, 2018 in Paradise, California. Fueled by high winds and low humidity the Camp Fire ripped through the town of Paradise charring over 150,000 acres, killed at least 83 people and has destroyed over 18,000 homes and businesses. The fire is currently at 85 percent containment and hundreds of people still remain missing. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

23. Ribeye Burgers — Jack in the Box

OK, I know Jack in the Box is in a little bit of a struggle right now, but these burgers may be their ticket back to the top.

Jack in the Box has now released their newest burger creation, the Ribeye Burger, which came with a slick advertising budget and loads of flavor. The Ribeye Burger comes in two kinds — the All-American and the Blue Cheese & Bacon Ribeye, and I don’t really know about the latter (I’m not much of a blue cheese fan), but, I know I would definitely sink my teeth into the All-American.

Burgers at Jack in the Box are usually packed with flavor, and come off the grill pretty good, so I’m not worried that these burgers will flop. In fact, I think they will do the exact opposite and lift Jack in the Box’s fortunes quite nicely. Many people in this country love a good ribeye, and they also love a flavorful burger, so combining the two was a genius move for the fast food chain, and for all of mankind.

The Ribeye Burgers selling like hotcakes would be the best Christmas gift ever for this burger chain.