25 best holiday fast food menu items

Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks
Holiday offerings at Starbucks, photo provided by Starbucks /
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NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 12: In this photo illustration, a meatless ‘Impossible Slider’ sits on a table at a White Castle restaurant, April 12, 2018 in the Queens borough of New York City. The meatless burgers, which sell for $1.99, are about twice the size of White Castle’s regular sliders. The patties, made primarily of wheat protein and potato, are the first plant-based burgers sold in an American quick-serve restaurant. (Photo illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

20. Turkey Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries — White Castle

Thanksgiving has come and, sadly, gone, but one can keep the spirit of the turkey alive for the rest of the holidays at White Castle.

For a limited time, the iconic slider-chain will replace their small burger squares with Butterball turkey for their Turkey Slider combo. You get two choices — Cheddar & Apple Butter or the Bistro, and, to bring the holidays home, the combo will come with Sweet Potato Fries.

For a fast-food chain to serve sweet potato fries is pretty awesome in itself. You would normally think that a southern chain would go all out for sweet potato fries, and there is some that do; but, for White Castle to do it is simply fantastic. I guess the power of the sweet potato is nationwide.

Who knew that White Castle would be so ginned up for the holidays? Better question, whoever thought that this legendary restaurant chain would come up with such a concoction on a slider? The geniuses who work in White Castle’s test kitchen should march to management and demand a raise because what they came up with was something that few other chains would do, and they did it the White Castle way.

God bless White Castle.