BAILEYS Irish Cream brings the only baking chips you’ll ever need again


It’s time to add some BAILEYS Irish Cream to your chocolate chip cookies. You can do so with the only baking chips you’ll ever need again.

BAILEYS Irish Cream and Clabber Girl Corporation have partnered up to bring the only chocolate chips for cookies you’ll need again. You can get them now from select stores and online, but you’ll be able to indulge as much as you want from Easter.

Whether you have cookies, a cake, or you just like to eat the chocolate chips straight out of the packet, these BAILEYS Original Irish Cream Baking Chips are all you’ll want to buy. The Irish Cream flavor is mixed with the chocolate chips, bringing you a sense of the drink into everything you make. And who doesn’t love Irish Cream flavored chocolates?

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The good news is the whole family can eat them. They’re non-alcoholic chocolate chips. If you love the Irish Cream creamer available, they’re made with a similar flavoring to bring the taste of BAILEYS without the actual alcohol.

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Some will be available this season but you’ll need to wait until Easter 2019 for them to be available everyone. They’re certainly going to be worth the wait and you’ll want to add them into your Easter baking immediately.

Looking for some recipe ideas already? Clabber Girl has a digital cookbook available that utilizes the chocolate chips in every single recipe. The digital book is completely free to download.

You can currently get the BAILEYS Irish Cream chips from Amazon if you can’t get them from a store near you yet. If you get a 30-Day free trial of Amazon Prime, you’ll get two-day free delivery, which is perfect to get a start on testing the Christmas recipes. Because you know everything needs weeks of testing, right?

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What do you think of the BAILEYS Irish Cream Chocolate Chips? Will you test out the recipes right away? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get the BAILEYS Irish Cream Chocolate Baking Chips on Amazon.