17 fast food menu items that need removed immediately!

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(Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Carl’s Jr.)

Number 2. Carl’s Jr. The ½ lb. Jalapeno Thickburger

Menu item: The ½ lb. Jalapeno Thickburger

Fast food vendor: Carl’s Jr.

What is it and what is it made of?

Created with a use of a ½ lb. 100% Black Angus Thickburger, you’ve got Jalapeno poppers in there, some pepper-jack cheese, some fiery habanero sauce, bacon strips and then even more Jalapenos are thrown in there. All of this is on a freshly baked bun.

Why does it need to be removed?

Another burger that is like the Flamethrower Grillburger from Dairy Queen. There is just way too much spice in this burger for it to even be considered edible. Which is why it landed on the fast food menu items that need to be removed list.

Now the ½ lb. Jalapeno Thickburger hasn’t been around on the menu for some time now. But if you check out the Carl’s Jr. menu you will find the burger listed as one of the menu items available to purchase. So, it very well could be coming back one day.

And if it is, avoid it like the plague. You won’t be tasting much. In fact, you won’t be tasting anything. Because your taste buds would have been burned off by the heat generated by the amount of spice in this burger.