17 fast food menu items that need removed immediately!

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Image Credit: Arby’s Arbynator, acquired via PRNewswire

Number 13. Arby’s Arbynator

Menu item: Arbynator, classic, double, and half pound versions

Fast food vendor: Arby’s

What is it and what is it made of?

The Arbynator is a sandwich that consists of a ton of meat. Plus curly fries. Breaking it down, the Arbynator consists of roast beef and curly fries, slathered in cheese sauce, horsey sauce, and Arby’s sauce all placed on a bun. Available in classic, double, and half pound sizes. As you go up in size you get more roast beef and more curly fries.

Why does it need to be removed?

This is actually a sandwich which we raved about when it first appeared on the Arby’s menu. We couldn’t stop talking about it. However, on reflection. It’s not worth your time and really does need to be taking of the fast food menu for good.

First of all, do you honestly think you could eat that? Just look at the picture again and be honest with yourself. Can you really get your mouth around that whole thing? No, unless you’re a cartoon character, you are going to need a fork and knife to eat it and we don’t go to a fast food venue to eat like normal humans.

It’s too much. That’s what is wrong with this one. It was a great idea and it had all the promise of doing well. But it is really way too much for a sandwich. No matter how much you like curly fries.