17 fast food menu items that need removed immediately!

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Pizza Hut

Number 12. Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza

Menu item: Cheesy Bites Pizza

Fast food vendor: Pizza Hut

What is it and what is it made of?

A regular pizza with a fancy stuffed crust is what it is. Instead of a normal stuffed crust pizza, the Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites pizza has turned the “stuffed” part of the crust into a tear away bite size pizza. Filled with gooey, stringy cheese, usually mozzarella.

Why does it need to be removed?

It’s a novelty fast food menu item and that is it. Once you have tried it once you never want to try it again. Why? Because of how impractical and difficult it is to eat your pizza once you have eaten all of the little cheesy bites.

The crust on a pizza acts as the ideal handle for your slice. As soon as you remove the handle, which is in effect what you are doing when eating the cheesy bites. You no longer have something to hold onto when eating your slice of pizza.

Which in turn results in a big mess for you as you fail miserably at trying to not spill all of the ingredients either down yourself, or covering your hands in pizza grease and sauce. The Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites pizza is one of the messiest items of food out there in the fast food world and it is why it needs to be removed, never to return.