Is McDonald’s open on Christmas Eve 2018?


McDonald’s will probably not be your number 1 point of call for food on Christmas Eve. But if you do need to pay a visit to the fast food restaurant, is McDonald’s open on Christmas Eve 2018?

Christmas Eve is the day where you put your feet up ready for what tomorrow brings. Or, you frantically run around buying last-minute Christmas presents and peeling potatoes. Either way, it’s unlikely you will need to visit McDonald’s, but if you do, will it be possible. Is McDonald’s open on Christmas Eve, 2018?

In short, yes. McDonald’s is open on Christmas Eve. However, it’s not completely straightforward and you need to be aware of a few things. Otherwise, you run the risk of being caught out.

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So while McDonald’s is open on Christmas Eve, opening hours can vary from store to store. Those located in large shopping malls will more than likely stay open as long as the mall is. And consider most malls have extended opening hours over the Christmas period, you can expect those McDonald’s restaurant to have extended hours. However, those out in the sticks in the middle of nowhere and smaller towns will probably have limited store opening hours.

The best thing for you to do is give the restaurant you are thinking of visiting a quick call. You can google your local restaurant’s contact information, which will also display the current opening hours for the day, but don’t rely on them. They can be out of sync.

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So call the store directly and speak to one of the staff members. Not only will you find out there and then if the restaurant is open. But you can also ask directly what the opening hours are for Christmas Eve.

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Do you think you will be paying a visit to McDonald’s on Christmas Eve? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.