Canadians warned to expect some funky looking french fries in 2019


Thanks to a poor 2018, Canadians should expect to see some funky french fries from their favorite fast food restaurants come 2019.

Very soon we will all be singing in the New Year and looking forward to all the new things heading our way. However, Canadians might not be welcoming the new fast food french fries which are heading their way thanks to a poor harvest in 2018.

According to a new report. The potato crop in Canada performed so poorly in 2018 that almost 5% of the usual crop was destroyed. And those that did manage to make it through the poor conditions have come out oddly shaped and colored.

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This is all due to what the United Potato Growers of Canada have said is a result of the perfect storm in terms of potato farming. Explaining that the late spring, hot summer, and cold fall, where far from ideal circumstance for the potato crop and is what resulted in the crop being so poor.

It has been reported that this will not impact the overall nutritional value of the potatoes. But it can impact the overall taste and they can come out looking brown rather than golden when fried.

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And this is why Canadians are being a giving a heads up that their usual portion of french fries are going to look different in 2019 compared to what they are used to from their favorite fast food restaurant.

Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s Canada, who source their potatoes locally, could see this becoming a significant problem. With them being well known and famous for the golden french fries and for them being universal from restaurant to restaurant. Customers should not be surprised if their fries are not as golden as normal.

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What do you think about the potential for funky looking fries in Canada? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.