Taco Bell is testing new nachos loaded with jalapenos


Nacho lovers it is time to head to Taco Bell. The fast food chain is once again expanding their nachos line, this time offering a box loaded with jalapenos.

Taco Bell is becoming the home of nachos, at least that’s what their menu is telling us. And according to Delish, it seems the fast food chain is looking to expand their nacho offerings even further.

In their Manhattan Cantina location, the company offers a full nachos menu that includes boxes like the Steak and Cheddar nachos and the Chicken Enchiladas nachos. But that’s not all, as they are also testing other combinations, including a Buffalo Chicken nachos box which customers in Charlotte, North Carolina can try for themselves.

However, it is their current test nachos that have us excited. Fans of jalapenos living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin can snag themselves the Cheesy Jalapeno nachos in a box that costs just $5. And if that’s not enough to get you excited, we know exactly how these nachos are made.

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These Cheesy Jalapeno nachos start with the standard tortilla chips that are then covered in refried beans, slices of pickled jalapenos, and a creamy sauce made with jalapenos. On top of that is what we expect to find on standard nachos. There is pico de gallo, sour cream, and a blend of three cheeses.

Basically, these are the kind of nachos we want from every restaurant we order nachos from. They sound amazing and they aren’t even the only new test nachos.

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The other nachos Taco Bell is trying out are the Buffalo Chicken nachos which are also just $5 and feature shredded chicken with a buffalo sauce. Basically, these are the same nachos, but without the jalapenos, and it adds in a warm cheese sauce on top of the cheese blend.

We don’t know about you, but both of these test nachos sound amazing. We can only hope they do well enough to be released in other cities and Taco Bells.

Through mid-January, customers in Milwaukee and Charlotte can try out these new nachos, and help decide if they should be added to the menu. Fingers crossed that the test consumers give the rest of us a chance to try both the Buffalo Chicken Nachos and the Cheesy Jalapeno nachos.

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What do you think of these new nacho boxes that Taco Bell is testing? Do you think they should become the newest additions to the restaurant’s menu? Tell us what you think in the comments.