Dove pink champagne & milk chocolate swirl chocolates now available


Valentines Day chocolates are coming out thick and fast and Dove is next with their pink champagne & milk chocolate swirl flavor.

They say you should give your heart to the one you truly love on Valentines Day. It would be a bit creepy, never mind seriously questionable under the eyes of the law, to give an actual heart, especially your’s, so why not do the very next best thing. Give the gift of Dove chocolate hearts.

Available in pink champagne & milk chocolate swirl flavor. The Dove chocolate hearts are now officially available to purchase in preparation for the big day.

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Being sold at Target. The chocolates are heart-shaped and are individually wrapped with little sayings of either “A Toast!” or “Cheers!”

While they are labeled as pink champagne & milk chocolate swirl flavor it should be pointed out the chocolates do not come with any traces of champagne in them. So if you are worried about the level of alcohol in them there is none.

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These are the latest in a line of Valentines Day chocolates that have been recently released. We recently had the Starburst heart-shaped Jellybeans come out. The heart-shaped sweets are available nationwide and come in strawberry and cherry flavor.

Lava Cake Hershey Kisses were also released. The new flavor of Hershey Kisses comes with instructions on how to make an actual Lava Cake. So if you want to be super impressive on Valentine’s Day then they are your go-to choice.

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So what do you think of the Dove heart-shaped pink champagne & milk chocolate swirl chocolates? Do you think you will get some? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.