Diet Coke adds two new flavors for fans to try out


If you’re in the mood for a Diet Coke with some flavor in it but are fed up with the usual flavors then good news. You’ve got two new flavors to try.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new flavor of drink be released by Coca-Cola. I honestly can’t remember the last time they released a new flavor. If you happen to know the answer let me know. Anyway, however long it might have been since a new flavor was released, the lull has ended as Diet Coke has gone and released two new flavors to the menu.

Expected to be sold in stores this month. Keep an eye out on the Strawberry Guava flavor and the Blueberry Acai flavor. The 12-ounce cans of Diet Coke are to be sold in either single on the go cans or in packs of eight.

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The Strawberry Guava flavor is being nicknamed, the pink one, for very obvious reasons. A flavor you’re not used to when you drink a can of Diet Coke, or any Coca-Cola in fact, but if you have a sweet tooth this is the one for you.

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When it comes to the Blueberry Acai flavored drink. It’s another sweet flavored drink, being described as a tropical flavored drink. Which is a bit odd considering it is blueberry. Not exactly your normal tropical fruit.

Based on what is being said about the drinks I think it’s a case of you’re going to have to try it out for yourself.

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So what do you think about the new flavors of Diet Coke? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.