5 Best Pizza Restaurants in New York City you must visit

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(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret)

4. Numero 28 Pizzeria

Moving over to the fourth best pizza restaurant in New York City now and it’s located at 28 Carmine St, New York City, NY 10014-4437.

There are several branches of Numero 28 Pizzeria in New York City. But the one at 28 Carmine St, New York City, NY 10014-4437 is the one you want to visit. They offer a huge range of pizza that fans simply can’t get enough off. They also offer some great spaghetti as well if you want something to go on the side. The seafood spaghetti would be what I recommend.

Anyway, focusing back to the pizza, and visitors of Numero 28 Pizzeria have been telling anyone how will listen how the pizza is superb, mouth-watering, and gorgeous. You can visit Numero 28 Pizzeria any day of the week, as they are open Monday through to Sunday.

With the pizza restaurant being so popular it’s not always easy getting a reservation. But don’t worry, delivery is an option. As long as you live in the area you can get Numero 28 Pizzeria to deliver to you.

You can find out if you are in the catchment area and check out the full menu options here.