Krispy Kreme is working to save Valentine’s Day with conversation doughnuts


When word broke that conversation hearts would not be released this year, we thought Valentine’s Day was ruined. But Krispy Kreme is here to save the day.

Did your heart break a little when you found out that the conversation candy hearts that we always hand out on Valentine’s Day were not being released this year? If the answer is yes, then Krispy Kreme has a solution for you.

After news broke that the company that makes the conversation hearts we expect to see every Valentine’s Day had gone out of business, it seems there was a bit of a panic over the idea that we wouldn’t be able to tell people how we feel with food. But never fear, as there is always someone waiting in the wings to find a solution.

On January 24, Krispy Kreme came to our Valentine’s Day rescue with a tweet that let us all know they have a solution for our lack of candy hearts. In fact, they have more than one solution, as they are releasing their very own conversation doughnuts. This means you can get an entire dozen of hearts with sayings like “Call Me,” “All the Feels,” and “Love.”

According to, the conversation doughnuts from Krispy Kreme will feature a number of sayings including some of the classic ones we expect from the candy hearts, as well as new ones that are more in line with current pop culture. And just like with the original candy hearts, these conversation doughnuts are the perfect way to say what you want to but don’t know how to.

What’s better than a love note and a doughnut? I would say combining the two is pretty close to perfect.

So while you may not be able to snag a box of the conversation candy hearts we all know and love (at least this year), it’s okay because Krispy Kreme has the perfect alternative.

And if you are looking to pick up one of these special Valentine’s Day doughnuts, they will be in store starting on January 30 and running until the big day, February 14. That gives you about 15 days to snag a doughnut and tell the one you love how you really feel.

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What do you think of this alternative to the candy heart? Are you going to pick up some of the Krispy Kreme conversation doughnuts as a replacement for the original conversation hearts? Tell us what you think in the comments.