Crepes are the star of February 2 as we celebrate International Crepe Day

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There are plenty of national and international days dedicated to our favorite foods and drinks. And crepes get center stage on February 2 thanks to International Crepe Day.

When it comes to celebrations for different foods and drinks, we often think of them as made up holidays that let us enjoy one of our favorite treats. And while that may be true in most cases, there is a legitimate basis for International Crepe Day. In fact, the history of this day is one that is rich in tradition and will have you appreciating crepes even more than you already do.

February 2, the day we celebrate International Crepe Day, is also known by the name La Chandeleur, and is a French holiday where people indulge in both cidre and crepes. As the French Cultural Center explains, this holiday is typically associated with Candelmas, a Catholic holiday, but the reality is that this a tradition that goes much further back and originated with the pagans.

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As a symbol of the sun, crepes are typically enjoyed as a way to celebrate the return of the sunnier days. Then there are the people who link the making of crepes with future prosperity of the harvest, as the flour that is used to make these thin pancakes is typically all that remains of the previous harvest.

Considering how deep the history of International Crepe Day goes as both a religious holiday and a day of harvest, it makes sense that people around the world would want to celebrate with this tasty confection.

From savory to sweet, there are many ways we enjoy these thin pancakes. I’ll admit that some of my favorite crepes are the dessert options like the delicious lemon curd option I usually get at Dallas’ Whisk Crepes Cafe. And if you are in the area and want to make a meal of it, Whisk even offers amazing savory options like their Prosciutto crepe with fresh fig, arugula, balsamic, and Parmigiano.

And with it being International Crepe Day, we expect that some creperies are offering special deals to bring people in and celebrate this annual holiday dedicated to the crepe. While you may have to contact your local crepe place to learn if they really are celebrating the holiday, here are a few locations around the country to try for yourself.