12 Bud Light Super Bowl commercials we will never forget

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(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images for Bud Light)

1. Bud Knight Super Bowl Commercial

Up first is the Bud Knight Super Bowl Commercial. This commercial aired during the 2018 Super Bowl match which saw the Philadelphia Eagles go up against The New England Patriots.

The Bud Knight commercial was the last Bud Light commercial to air during the game. In the run up to the commercial, we had already been shown one before which showed the king trying to motivate how a small band of villagers to stand up and fight despite being vastly outnumbered. Nobody is willing to join the King until he points out to them that the enemy has all the Bud Light and they have none.

The Bud Knight commercial continued the story set which kicked off with the outnumbered villagers fighting the enemy and by the looks of things winning. During the battle, the Bud Knight then appears. Only he is not here to help. He is already on his own quest. The quest for Bud Light. He does take the time to put an end to it though.

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2. Bud Light Party Super Bowl Commercial

During the 2016 Super Bowl which featured the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen got together to create one of the Bud Light Super Bowl commercials which will always be remembered in history.

The Bud Light Party Super Bowl Commerical took advantage of 2016 being an election year. It blended both our love of beer and the current political race that was currently ongoing by effectively creating an election campaign commercial.

Along with focusing on our love of beer it also had featured some other well-known celebrities liek Paul Rudd.

Check it out in all its glory just below.

3. Bud Light Cavemen Super Bowl Commercial

We’re going to travel back in time a bit now to the very first Bud Light Super Bowl commercial to air, the Cavemen. It aired during the 2008 Super Bowl match which saw the New York Giants go head to head against The New England Patriots.

Before this match, we had never had a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial before, only Budweiser. Which is why we will never forget this one. It was the beginning of all the commercials that came after it.

They started it off right as well by focusing the commercial on when man first invented the wheel. An invitation that would allow man to get Bud Light to the part faster.

Check it out just below.