12 Bud Light Super Bowl commercials we will never forget

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(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Bud Light)

7. Bud Light Beer House Super Bowl Commercial

While we’re on the subject of home renovations we’re going to take a look at the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial that aired during the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts match in 2011. Say hello to the Bud Light Beer House Super Bowl Commercial.

However, instead of improving a home with Bud Light. This home was destroyed because of Bud Light.

The commercial shows several people coming across a house made entirely out of Bud Light cans. When the owner informs them that the cans aren’t empty they quickly start pulling the house apart.

See how quickly the house came down just below.

8. Bud Light Beer Coin Super Bowl Commercial

When you combine beer and gaming together you know you’re in for a good commercial. And that is exactly what we got in the 2015 Super Bowl commercial when the New England Patriots were playing the Seattle Seahawks.

It was part of Bud Light beer’s  “Up for Whatever” campaign and it saw a randomly chosen person play a life-sized version of the fabulous arcade game Pac-Man.

Have fun watching this one.

9. Bud Light Ghost Spuds Super Bowl Commercial

2017 saw us get one of the worst Super Bowl commercials by Bud Light during the Atlantic Falcons and New England Patriots game. But, that’s actually what makes it so unforgettable.

It was a parody of some sorts of A Christmas Carol where Spuds MacKenzie, the former mascot of Bud Light, helps a man learn the importance of spending time with friends and enjoying a Bud Light instead of sitting at home alone.

You can watch it just below. I’ll warn you again though. It is bad. But memorable.