12 Bud Light Super Bowl commercials we will never forget

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10. Bud Light Factory Super Bowl Commercial

Up next is one of the more serious and boring commercials from Bud Light. It aired during the 2012 New England Patriots and New York Giants Super Bowl game to promote the new Bud Light Platinum.

The commercial featured Avicii and his hit track “Levels.” While it didn’t bring a smile of laughter to your face like all the commercials that came before it. It did spark the beginning of Bud Light Platinum and that was a memorable moment for all.

Have fun watching it below.

11. Bud Light Meteor Super Bowl Commercial

We’re going back to the 2010 Super Bowl match now when the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts were playing. And it is time to look at the commercial that predicted the end of the world, Bud Light Meteor Super Bowl Commerical.

In this commercial scientist spotter a meteor heading straight for Earth. With the end of the world imminent, there was only one thing to do. Party with Bud Light.

They may have been a bit quick to preempt the end of the world howver as the “meteor” turned out to be a rock. It didn’t stop them partying, however.

Check out how the world almost ended below.

12. Bud Light T-Pain Super Bowl Commercial

We’re going to stick with the 2010 Super Bowl match for this next Bud Light commercial. T-Pain was the subject of attention in this commercial as the rapper decided to make an appearance in the hilarious commercial.

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So out of all the Bud Light Super Bowl commercials which one is your favorite? Are you looking forward to seeing what Bud Light has in store for the Super Bowl this year? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.