Super Bowl Commercials: All the fast food & drink commercials released


Super Bowl LIII has been and gone and with it, a new wave of Super Bowl Commercials. Here are all the fast food & drink commercials released.

Did you tune in to Super Bowl LIII last night? If you didn’t then don’t worry, you didn’t miss too much. The game ended 13 – 3 to the New England Patriots, so not the highest scoring game of them all, but it was filled with some great Super Bowl Commercials.

We had plenty of promos for the latest TV shows and movies on the way this year. Along with a huge amount of automobile commercials and fast food & drink commercials as well.

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Each one of the Super Bowl Commercials had their own little spin on things, either to make you think or to laugh out loud. Both Pepsi and Bud Light were the stand out performers this year, although I think the Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial did upset a few Game of Thrones fans.

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Let’s take a look at all the fast food & drink Super Bowl commercials that dropped during Super Bowl LIII.

Bud Light

Bud Light dropped a few Super Bowl Commercials throughout the night. The first message they sent out was how they don’t use corn syrup when brewing their beer, unlike other brewers.

Along with the message about what ingredients they use. We also had the Bud Light Game of Thrones crossover which was a huge surprise. It did annoy fans of the HBO series however as they were hoping for a Season 8 trailer and this was all they got.


The chocolate company dropped their Super Bowl Commercial early on in the game. Advertising their new M&M’s chocolate bar.


Fans of the 90’s boy band, The Backstreet Boys, loved the Doritos commercial when it aired. Performing their iconic song, ‘Want It That Way,’ it was the perfect song to promote the new #NowItsHot flavor.


Pepsi was one of the stand performers of the night when it came to Super Bowl Commercials. They hosted a string of commercials throughout the night, sending the message that Pepsi is more than OK!

Pringles (Sad Device)

We had a heads up about the new Pringles commercial that would be airing. However what we got was the unexpected.

T-Mobile / Taco Bell

A team-up between T-Mobile and Taco Bell has taken place and it’s a good one; a.k.a free food.


Is it Bubly or Buble? You decide.

Burger King

This had to probably be the strangest commercial of the night. Burger King transported us back in time based on the quality of this Super Bowl commercial as it sent the message #EatLikeAndy.


With all the Bud Light commercials being aired during the game there was the wonder if we would get a regular Budweiser commercial or not. We eventually did, and it featured a cute little Dalmatian.

Michelob Ultra

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald actress Zoe Kravitz featured in the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial. Last year it was Chris Pratt who featured but this year it was the Wizarding World actress who took center stage.

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Out of all the Super Bowl Commercials released this year which one was your favorite? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.