Kit Kat has already launched Easter treats


Ready for winter to be over and spring to finally get here? Kit Kat might have just the thing you need to keep you going until the warmer weather arrives as well as the perfect Easter treats!

It might seem too early to talk about Easter, but that hasn’t stop certain brands from putting out their Easter treats for those hankering for their bunny-shaped sugar buzz. It may take a little while longer before you see Peeps and bags of jelly beans lining the shelves at your local supermarket, but Kit Kat Bunny Ears have recently been spotted in the candy aisles of some stores.

Kit Kat Bunny Ears feature the classic milk chocolate and wafer candy that the brand is known for, but with an Easter twist of a bunny with very long ears carved on the top. They are perfect for Easter. Although, breaking them in half does result in splitting the bunny in two.

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But if you are one of those people who eats the head off the chocolate bunny or the Peep first, you really shouldn’t have a problem here. And let’s be real, it’s chocolate. Don’t let the cute bunnies get in the way of your enjoyment.

While you may not find these special Kit Kats everywhere just yet, you might find them at your local Walmart. They were spotted at a Walmart in Illinois, so if they aren’t already near you, they will be soon.

If you jumped for joy when the groundhog didn’t see his shadow or are counting down the days until spring, keep an eye out for these springtime treats. With the way the weather has been in some places, these might be the only bit of spring you see for quite some time.

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What is your favorite Easter candy treat?