3 best spots in Chicago to get Deep Dish Pizza

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1. My Pi Pizza

Chances are, even if you’re from Chicago or live here now, you’ve yet to experience a deep dish pizza masterpiece from this neighborhood joint in Bucktown.

As a family-owned business that opened way back in the 1950s, My Pi isn’t your typical sit-down restaurant like the other mainstream pizzerias. They offer both thin crust and deep dish by the slice, as well as full pizzas that are made to order.

People of the world–slice up your life! 😆👌

Posted by My Pi Pizza on Saturday, January 26, 2019

What makes this place so good is their unique sauce and amazing crust. According to their website, the sauce is a secret recipe comprised of herbs and spices, along with vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes. Their crust is made of cornmeal and their pans are brushed with butter, giving the pizza a perfect blend of a buttery crust combined with a slightly sweet, yet tangy sauce.

Having had both the full pie and the slice, I can honestly say that the quality remains the same on both. And whether you’re going with meat toppings or just the plain cheese, each bite is bound to leave you wanting more.

Again, this isn’t going to make everybody’s top list as it is relatively unknown to those outside of the city limits. But this is deep dish pizza quality at its finest.