3 best spots in Chicago to get Deep Dish Pizza

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3. Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati’s was founded in 1971 in Lincolnwood, Illinois, when founder Lou Malnati left his job at Pizzeria Uno to start his own restaurant.

With more than 50 locations in the Chicagoland area, and another two in Arizona, Lou Malnati’s has become quite a deep dish franchise. But the expansion of this Chicago classic hasn’t had an impact on the quality of their product; they take their pizza seriously.

According to their official website, a team is sent to California each year to monitor the tomato crop until it is exactly where they want it to be. This allows for just the right amount of sweetness in their famous sauce.

The crust on a Malnati’s pie is no joke either. A common misconception is that deep dish pizza crust is bready or overly doughy. Lou Malnati’s is just the opposite. It’s thin, buttery, flaky and flat out delicious.

My go-to pizza on the menu is the Chicago Classic, which is basically all of the main ingredients topped with some of the best sausages you’ll ever taste. I get it every time I go, and I recommend it to anyone who asks, regardless of their usual topping of choice. And if it isn’t already apparent, Lou Malnati’s reigns supreme in my book, and I’m not quite sure that’ll ever change.

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