Starbucks unveils their menu of sweet treats for Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, you can get all of the sweet treats you want thanks to Starbucks and their new holiday-ready menu. Treat yourself and the one you love!

Nothing says love quite like the perfect sweet treat. And if you want to skip the boring old box of chocolates (or just want a little something extra with it), then look no further than Starbucks, and their picture perfect Valentine’s Day offerings.

Starting February 7 through Valentine’s Day, customers can head to their local Starbucks and snag one of two sweet treats, a very special drink, or even some fun at-home offerings, according to a press release from the company.

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Joining the line up of menu items are some returning favorites, such as the Valentine’s Day Cake Pop and the Heart Sugar Cookie, as well as the Cherry Mocha (yum!).

For those of you who have never snagged one of these sweet treats before, we have you covered with a full breakdown of what each offering entails. When it comes to the Heart Sugar Cookie, the name says it all, but to add to the festivity there is also a coating of white chocolate goodness, as well as colorful sprinkles.

Then there is the cake pop, which is a milk chocolate coated chocolate cake ball that is finished with candy heart sprinkles.

Starbucks Valentine’s Day treats photo via courtesy of Starbucks, press release

And returning for a second year is the Cherry Mocha, which you can have blended, iced, or hot. This delightful confection is a combination of a semi-sweet mocha sauce and a candied cherry syrup that is then melted together with a hot espresso.

The drink is topped with steamed milk followed by whipped cream and a dusting of sprinkles and sugar for a beverage that is not only ready for Valentine’s Day, but also completely Instagrammable.

Whether you get one or all three of these Valentine’s Day treats, we think you’ll enjoy how Starbucks is celebrating this holiday. Of course, we can’t forget that they are also giving us some take home products as well, such as Classic Hot Cocoa K-Cups, Ground Coffee in a Mocha flavor, and Ready-to-Drink Molten Chocolate Lattes.

Basically Starbucks has your Valentine’s Day covered this year, and for that we are extremely happy. From the cherry mocha to the heart-shaped sugar cookie, it certainly seems like love is in the air, or at least on the table.

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What do you think of the limited time Valentine’s Day menu from Starbucks? Will you be snagging on of these sweet treats for yourself or someone you love? Tell us what you think in the comments below.