What are the most underrated fast food restaurants?


There are fast food joints we all go to on a weekly basis and those we forget even exist. Which are the most underrated fast food restaurants?

We all love fast food for three main reasons: It’s cheap, the drive-thru is convenient, and service is quick. This is why McDonald’s is the biggest fast food chain there is. Is there anyone who isn’t aware of their dollar menu, Happy Meals, and $1 drinks (any size)? If you know someone who says they don’t go to McDonald’s, they’re lying. We all stop by McDonald’s at least once in a while, even if just for a sweet tea or coffee.

Burger King is another popular choice. And, depending on where you live, In N Out and Whataburger are also two favorites.

There’s more in the fast food world than the above choices, though. The places we list below are fast food stops you’ve seen as you drive by, but never actually stop at. Why? Perhaps their menu options are not as cheap as McD’s. Or maybe you’re not aware of what exactly is on their menu.

We’re about to re-introduce you to four fast food joints you already know, but need to learn more about to give them some love the next time you’re out.

Here are four of the most underrated fast food restaurants:


Guys, you can’t go wrong with this Arby’s 2 For $5 deal. There’s no way. But if you’re not into their sandwiches, that’s okay! Arby’s has so much more than that! Their dessert options are delicious! Check out the Oreo Bites (only available for a limited time)! Other tasty treats you can find are Mozzarella Sticks and Potato Cakes.


Did you watch the Wendy’s video above? Enough said!

Let’s get one thing straight right away, Wendy’s is amazing. For starters, the fast food restaurant is a social media Queen! Their Twitter account is amazing. Whoever is running that account is brilliant! If they’re not throwing shade, Wendy’s is tweeting something witty and hilarious.

Even though Wendy’s social media game is strong, their food game isn’t. Not that this is Wendy’s fault. Not at all. If you’re not on top of Wendy’s best and latest deals, you’re missing out on some great food for even greater prices.

Wendy’s is known for having healthier fast food options than their competitors. However, their prices are also a bit more steep. Or are they?

If you do some research, you’ll find Wendy’s actually has some pretty amazing deals. Don’t worry, we’ve done all of the work for you, just click here for the best deals going on right now. Some of these include the $5 meal, which includes nuggets, a big burger, fries, and a drink. The popular 4 For $4 meal deal is also going on. And if you want something a little more on the healthy side, Wendy’s offers a Spicy Chicken Wrap, also part of the 4 For $4!

Dairy Queen

Spring is just around the corner, and then summer! With that, come refreshing cravings and one of those is ice cream! Don’t go to your usual ice cream stop, instead, give Dairy Queen a shot!


Just like Wendy’s is known for their fun tweets, Sonic is best known for their commercials! But once the commercial is over, do we actually go to Sonic? Probably not. And if we do, it’s likely for their large variety of drinks. They have other things available, though, such as their $2.99 Carhop Classic, which is a burger and tots for only $2.99.

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Which fast food restaurant will you be stopping by next? Did we miss any other underrated gem? Let us know in the comments!