3 best donut shops in the City of Chicago

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(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

2. Somethin’ Sweet Donuts

Located in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, Somethin’ Sweet is a family owned and operated business that makes some of the best cake donuts I have ever tried.

For those who are unsure of what a cake donut actually is, it’s simply made with a sweetened dough that’s leavened with baking powder thrown into oil to cook. Whereas a yeast donut, also known as raised, is made with a yeast dough. It’s then cut out into shape before being fried.

Somethin’ Sweet offers both types, but it’s clear that their focus is on the cake variety. With flavors like blueberry, red velvet, apple crisp, cherry, lemon, chocolate and vanilla, this place’s cake donut game is on point. But of course, my go-to donut at this spot is, once again, the buttermilk old-fashioned. While it’s still a notch below Do-Rite in my book, it’s still a great treat that always gets the job done. A dozen of donuts here will run you right around $12, which is a definite bargain considering the quality of the product.

Everyone gets sugar cravings every now and then, some more than others. Regardless, whenever I get a hankering for a little extra flavor at a reasonable expense, it’s always best satisfied with Somethin’ Sweet.