Valentine’s Day: Heart-shaped tacos vs heart-shaped pizzas


For Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped food is the way to go! Which goodie is your favorite?

Ladies and gents, on Valentine’s Day giving your significant other heart-shaped food is the way to go. The question is, will it be a heart-shaped pizza or platter of tacos aligned in the shape of a heart? The choice is yours!

Below, we’ll compare these two foodie-heaven options, as well as share where you can get the best heart pizzas and tacos for Valentine’s Day (or before the big day if you want to celebrate early).

When it comes to portion sizes, you definitely get more food when you go with a heart-shaped platter of tacos! Think about it. You need a decent amount of tacos to construct the perfect size, add to that a side of cilantro, onions, (whatever calls your heart), a few small ramekins of salsa, and you’re set! Taco heaven. Yum!

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If you go with tacos, you can also have a good selection of toppings. Chicken, steak pork, you name it. Now let’s see what you get with pizza…

A heart-shaped pizza can be any size, but it’ll more than likely, based on the Valentine’s Day deals we’ve seen, be personal size. So, smaller than a regular pizza, which means you won’t be able to share.

There are also so many toppings you can throw on a pizza, after three toppings, things can get a little overstuffed and crazy. But even though the clear winner is tacos, that’s only our opinion! It all depends on what your taste buds prefer! Also, why not both, right?

Where can you get heart-shaped food on Valentine’s Day? Here are some of the best deals we found: 

For pizzas, there’s…

Papa John’s

That’s right, you don’t have to hunt down a small pizza shop for some tasty heart pizza! Papa John’s is serving them up. Available now through Valentine’s Day, customers may order a medium heart-shaped pizza for $11 (plus $1.25 for each topping).

Papa Murphy’s

The take-and-bake HeartBaker is only $9. The set includes pizza crust, red sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni. You’ll have to bake it yourself at home, though.

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For tacos, there’s…

Guys, you’re going to have to get creative with this one. We weren’t able to find a local place that has announced heart-shaped taco platters. But all hope is not lost! All you need to do is find a round serving platter, buy your favorite tacos and line them up accordingly! Don’t forget ramekins stuffed with your favorite side goodies.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? A heart-shaped pizza or heart taco heaven? What other heart-shaped foods do you love?