Best Valentine’s Day chocolates for under $10


Looking for the best Valentine’s Day chocolates but need to keep within that all important budget? Here are all the best Valentine’s Day chocolates for under $10.

Chocolate is one of the most popular gifts to buy someone on Valentine’s Day and there is certainly no shortage of choice of delicious treats. However, trying to find some amazing chocolates for that special someone without completely destroying your budget can prove difficult. So we’ve gone and done all the hard work for you, here are the best Valentine’s Day chocolates for under $10.

We’ve got a great range to show you. There are some gourmet chocolatiers on the list, along with some of your familiar chocolate companies as well.

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So, whether you want to opt for something really fancy or you want to go for a huge selection, it’s all possible and within budget.

DOVE Hearts Pink Champagne & Milk Chocolate Swirl

Featuring the words “A Toast!” and “Cheers!” on them. DOVE Hearts Pink Champagne & Milk Chocolate Swirl is an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day and you can find them in places like Target for around $4.


You might not think that there would be many chocolates by Godiva under $10 but there is. The chocolatiers who specialize in beautiful gourmet chocolates have options available when trying to stick within the budget. You can get the Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Gift Box, 6 pc for only $6.95.

Lava Cake Hershey’s Kisses

You can’t go wrong with Hershey’s Kisses, especially the Lava Cake flavored kisses, and you can easily find them being sold by the bag full for less than $10.

Image Credit: Hershey Kisses Lave Cake, acquired via ZenoFTP Admin


Just like Godiva. Lindt is another chocolatier you wouldn’t initially think has any options under $10. But not only do they have options, they have an entire Valentine’s Day category between $5 – $10.

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If the Valentine’s Day collection doesn’t jump out at you though, make sure you check out the single bags of truffle chocolates. You can easily find several bags for less than $10.

Oreos, the Love version

Oreo cookies have a flavor for everything at the moment. Honestly, they do, their recent releases included carrot cake flavor and easter egg flavor. So it’s not surprising there is a Love Oreo Cookie flavor being sold at around $3.

Reese’s Lovemojis

Exclusively available over at Target. You can find the loved up emoji packaging Reese’s for $4.

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Will you be grabbing any of these best Valentine’s Day chocolates for under $10? Do you know of anything not listed above? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.