Top 5: Fast Food special treats for Valentine’s Day

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

2. Dunkin’ Double Filled Valentine’s Day Donut

It’s Valentine’s Day and you have the perfect donut in mind to share with your forever-partner. You walk into Dunkin’ and find… your new favourite donut! Yes, Dunkin’ have a special donut for Valentine’s Day and it’s going to be the best one you have ever eaten—the Cookie Dough and Brownie Double Filled Donut. You read that right—two fillings for the price of one!

And, to sweeten the treat, Dunkin’ is also bringing back their heart-shaped donuts for February, as well as their bling sprinkles. You can choose heart-shaped donuts with the Boston Kreme filling, or Jelly filling. Dunkin has a variety of bling sprinkles to choose from this year, including Chocolate Bling Frosted, Strawberry Bling Frosted, and Vanilla Bling Frosted.

You don’t always need ooey-gooey pink fillings to make your Valentine’s Day special—sometimes all you need are the two best fillings in the world. Everybody loves cookie dough, and everybody loves brownies, and since Valentine’s Day is all about love, Dunkin’ clearly has a winning formula on their hands.

3. Krispy Kreme’s Valentine Conversation Donuts

The world has been lamenting the lack of Sweethearts candy this year, but Krispy Kreme has stepped in to save Valentine’s Day with its own Valentine Conversation Donuts.

Available till the end of Valentine’s Day, the heart-shaped Valentine Conversation Donuts come in a variety of colors, and are designed to look similar to the Necco candies everyone will miss this year. Way to fill a void, Krispy Kreme!

And, instead of little candies, you can enjoy a donut with quirky V-Day sayings printed on it, including ‘Call Me’, ‘Crazy 4 U’, ‘So Extra’, among numerous others, so you can pick the saying that speaks directly to your heart.

Plus, you can choose from four delicious, classic fillings—Cake Batter, Strawberries & Kreme, Raspberry, and Chocolate Kreme. If this isn’t a Valentine’s Day indulgence you can sink your teeth into, we don’t know what is!