Why McDonald’s is not the place to go for Valentine’s Day


There are plenty of places to go to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, but taking them to McDonald’s is a big, big no-no.

Valentine’s Day is the time of year to show the love of your life just how much they mean to you. Taking them to McDonald’s is certainly not the way.

I know, the Golden Arches are famous for Big Macs and slow-as-a-snail drive-thru lines during the lunch hour, but why, on God’s green Earth, would someone want to take a date to McDonald’s on Valentine’s Day?

That’s just wrong on so …. many …. levels.

For starters, it’s a fast-food joint, for Christ’s sakes. McDonald’s was created for people who wanted their burger and fries on-the-go. Second, it was never made to be a place of romance, unless of course, it’s in the parking lot. McDonald’s is just not that type of place.

It’s not the place for a candlelit dinner, and a place to tell your soulmate “I love you,” unless you and your boo love to be romantic over the sounds of fryers going and cashiers screaming out “Order 253, Mike??” Listen, I know some will say, “well, some may not have the money to go out to a fancy restaurant, Kareem,” and to you, I say, “bull.”

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There are plenty of inexpensive sit-down restaurants that will provide a much better Valentine’s Day atmosphere than Mickey D’s. In fact, I compiled a list of them, which I’ll leave the link to below.

The point is, McDonald’s is good for a lot of things, but being Valentine’s Day date restaurant isn’t one of them. Taking your love to McDonald’s on Valentine’s Day is like showing her a knockoff action film on Netflix and telling her it’s better than the original. It isn’t.

You could argue that maybe, just maybe, McDonald’s on Valentine’s Day is good for teenagers, and you could have a point; but, the whole point of this day is to go all-out for the supposed love of your life, and you have to ask yourself if taking them to McDonald’s is truly “going all out?”

I can answer that for you: It’s not.

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